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Vessel Crew/Passengers

Vessel Crew / Passengers

Persons arriving on a private vessel can be submitted into Thailand as a crew member or passenger at the harbor Customs, Immigration and Harbor Master Office (One Stop Office) in Chalong pier or Phuket Town and this has to be done within 24 Hrs of arrival.
Each vessel requires at least one crew member (Captain) and the rest of the persons can be classed as passengers. (this is the preferred option)
Crew members entering Thailand will receive 30 days permission to stay (Transit visa) and this cannot be extended.
Passengers entering Thailand will receive 30 days visa exemption and this can be extended 2 times by 15 days.

The crew members don’t get their passport stamped with a entry stamp but they get a A4 size Simplified Customs Declaration Form (SCDF) put into their passport.
Passengers are getting a “normal” entry stamp stamped into their passports.

If a passenger wants to leave the country without the boat they can do this in the same way as any other tourist of Thailand.
If the captain wants to leave the country without the boat they have to come to the immigration office first to pay a bond of THB 20.000 in cash after which they are permitted to leave the country without their vessel.
After returning to Thailand the bond (minus THB 200) will be returned in the form of a bank check.

If crew members or passenger would like to stay longer in Thailand they should get a visa (Tourist Visa for example) from the Thai embassy or Consul before departing to Thailand.
When arriving into Thailand the crew member will then receive an so called white card which relieves them from paying the bond in case they want to leave the country without their vessel.

To place the bond or for any other vessel issues at Phuket Town Immigration please go to the Vessel Control Office.
Please go to room 204 or the Vessel Control Office for any required information regarding vessel entries.

Updated : April 2017


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