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Marriage – Thai Husband (90 Day Non-O / 1 Year Extension) 

Persons who are married to a Thai (male) national can apply for a marriage extension if they fulfill the required criteria.

Initial Non-O 90 Day Requirements :
- 15 working days left on current stamp
- An up-to-date address registration (TM30)

One Year Extension Requirements :
- Valid Non-O visa without overstay or a valid extension
- An up-to-date address registration (TM30)

Required Papers

- TM7 (already have a Non-O) OR TM86 (have an existing visa, other than Non-O) OR TM87 (currently visa exempt)
- STM2
- Overstay Acknowledgement

Copies of passport pages:
- Detail page
- Current visa/extension
- All extensions from last Non-O visa or transfer stamp to new passport (if applicable)
- Most recent entry stamp (not re-entry)
- TM6 departure card (if applicable)

Passport size photo

Marriage Certificate Koror 2 (maximum 60 days old)
Marriage Certificate Koror 3
Foreign Marriage Certificate (English or Thai language,) Note 1 
Marriage Certificate Koror 22 if a foreign marriage certificate is used (maximum 180 days old) – This can be obtained at the local district office (Amphur) with your certified translated foreign marriage certificate

Copy of husband’s ID card
Copy of husband’s house book
Copy of birth certificate of any children
Copy of house book for each child

If the Thai husband is not the owner of the house:
Copy of the owner’s ID card
Copy of the owner’s house book
Copy of the lease agreement

Map to Residence with GPS coordinates

4 Photos – 1 full body in front of residence with house, 1 Close up in front of residence showing clearly the house number,  inside the residence (living room, kitchen). 
Primary and dependent(s), dressed appropriately, must be in all photos. 

The extension application can be submitted within the last 45 days (Phuket specific) of the current visa/extension. 
Both applicant and husband must be present at immigration during the application process. 

Two complete sets of paperwork are required. 

Please go to room 204 to submit your application. 

If the application is successful, the applicant will receive an “Under Consideration” stamp and is granted a 1 month extension. 
After the 1 month consideration period, the applicant has to return to the immigration office to receive the remaining 11 months if the application is approved. 
You can check your application status at 
Enter the site and click on “Online Services” at the top and then select “Check Visa Application Status”. 

Note 1,  If the certificate is translated the translation must be authorized by the relevant embassy. 

Updated : April 2024 

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