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90 Day Reporting

90 Day Reporting

People staying over 90 days in the country have to do the 90 day reporting.
The 90 days count starts either from:
– Last entry into the country. 

– The first extension done at the Immigration office.

90 day reporting can be done 14 days before or 7 days after the reporting date.
The 90 day reporting has to be up to date when leaving the country. (No 7 day grace period)

90 day reporting is independently done from the extension date but can be done together with the extension application at the discretion of the officer.

It is possible that copies are required at the specific location or day.

Note: the 90 day reporting has to be done in person with the following exceptions, Reporting for the spouse with marriage certificate, Reporting for children with birth certificate.
Late reporting (after the 7 day grace period) can result in a fine of 200 Baht a day up to a maximum of 5000 Baht. ‚Äč

The 90 Day reporting can be done at:
– Phuket Town Main Immigration office room 101.
– Patong Beach Immigration office.

– Online. ( See Online 90 Day Reporting information at this website under the Online Services section)

Updated : Oct 2018


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