Phuket Immigration Volunteers

Code of conduct

Selection Criteria

To be considered for selection as a volunteer, the applicant must:

Hold a “long stay” visa (B, O, ED, Retirement)
Be over 18 years of age.
Be a high school graduate or equivalent.
Have near fluency in English.
Have high moral and ethical standards.
Be willing to comply with all applicable PIV policies and procedures.
Not have been convicted of a felony in any country (no criminal record)
Be prepared to do at least 2 duties a week. (Unless otherwise agreed)

When a new volunteer is required, the best qualified person will be invited and in case
multiple persons are equal qualified the longest waiting person will be chosen.

Application Process

The application process is as follows:
Completion of the requisite application form with attachments
Application review by a nominated team member.
Interview by two team members.
Review by Colonel who does embassy check
Decision on appointment by majority voting at PIV meeting.


The hours of work are 89h30 to 12h00 and 13h00 to 15h00.
The days of work will be as mutually agreed, so as to have volunteers in the Phuket Immigration Office from Monday to Friday inclusive.
Patong Beach Immigration office can be manned on request and the working hours will be communicated if required.


On the job training will be given with assigned mentor.
A test must be passed after having completed a minimum of 10 duties upstairs and
10 duties downstairs with performing a minimum of one duty which each member.

The rules for Justice and policing our PIV regulations

Any issue will always be discussed at a PIV meeting and the members will agree on any action (if any) to be taken.
The Spokesperson will be instructed by the group decision as to what must be done

Duties and Responsibilities of PIV Spokespersons / Coordinators

PIV will elect by a simple majority vote one or more persons to act as group Spokespersons. In the event of there being more than one spokesperson elected the following duties shall be shared amongst them at their discretion. No other Duties, Responsibilities or Powers are conferred or assumed other than those specifically listed in this document.

Duties shall be to:

  • Prepare weekly duty rosters and to distribute them regularly to members.
  • Provide PIV duty register of attendance, and other stationery items as may be required by the members.
  • Call regular PIV meetings from time to time as required by the members.
  • Be principle points of contact with the Thai officers specifically the Colonel.
  • Give weekly reports of any rule changes or other relevant matters arising during the week, to the members.
  • Receive information from the Col. Thai officers, Consulates, PIV Members, or any other source, check for correctness as may be necessary and distribute to the other members, as may be required.
  • Keep the information in the PIV manual correct and up to date. Distribute copies to members from time to time as necessary.
  • Administer the PIV funds and keep proper records of transactions. Distribute funds for acquisitions as and when approved by the members.
  • Distribute pens and other stationary to the PIV desks and writing table.
  • Safe keeping of all PIV property, documents etc. provision of keys to cabinets and  desks as may be necessary. Collection and keeping of new members application forms and details.
  • Arrange for and administer new member s procedures and tests. Lease with the Col over same. Provide PIV ID cards as and when required.
  • Arrange for selection of Mentors for new members.
  • Arrange for refresher courses from time to time as may be required by the members.

Roles and responsibilities regarding communications

In any situation in which a member has an issue with a customer which requires clarification so the costumer problem can be resolved
the member is encouraged to consult his PIV colleague or appropriate Immigration Officer so this problem can be resolved.

If any structural clarification or information is required or he/she has received any structural information, this information should be passed on to the PIV spokesperson
so this information can be verified / confirmed and if required this information will be passed on to all the members and the manual will be updated accordingly.

Proxy Voting

If a member is not able to attend the meeting and a voting is required this member can use a proxy to cast his vote under the following rules,

  • The written proxy is provided before the meeting to the spokesperson.
  • ‚ÄčThe proxy is subject specific and should be issued regarding each voting subject separately either before the meeting in writing or via digital communication (Phone, SMS, Line etc) during the meeting.
  • Any required voting will be conducted during the monthly or special meeting under the normal 50 % + 1 voting system. (Unless otherwise mentioned in the manual)

Disagreement between individual PIV members

Any disagreement between individual PIV members should be resolved between the effect members so it is not to become a matter for the group as a whole. At last resort the PIV spokesperson should be contacted.

Complaints received from the public

Any complaints received from the public are to be reported to the individual concerned or to the group if no individual can be pinpointed. No action to be taken other than perhaps a clarification of what the information given should have been.

Procedure for Members taking a Sabbatical

1st 6 months No change to status and kept informed with rosters and notifications etc.

2nd 6 months Goes on "reserve" but no longer considered active. Gets rosters and notifications. If a vacancy occurs, he/she will be offered the position. If he/she requests to come back, acceptance will depend on having a vacancy. If the individual does return they must complete the normal application form, but will not be subject to a test. Refresher training will be given with a mentor and he/she will have to perform duties with each standing member and approved by the colonel.

After one year He/she is considered retired. 

If he/she wishes to return he/she will be treated as a new applicant.   

Rules of Conduct

The following is a partial list of the rules that will apply:

Unbecoming Conduct
Volunteers will conduct themselves at all times, both on and off duty, in a manner that reflects favourably upon the PIV.

Personal Appearance
Volunteers who are on duty will be attired and groomed in a manner appropriate for the member’s assignment, i.e. no visible tattoos and neat hair in a style appropriate to Royal Thai Police standards.

Reporting for Duty
Volunteers are expected to be physically and mentally fit enough to perform their duties.

Confidential Information

Confidential information that Volunteers might gain through working in the PIV must not be discussed with anyone other than fellow volunteers of the PIV. Volunteers will not reveal any information in their possession, however obtained, which may enable anyone to escape detention, arrest, or prosecution, or enable anyone to destroy evidence, or to destroy or secrete stolen property.
In the event that a member of the press should contact a member of the PIV, he/she will not discuss any police case or investigation. 

Unsatisfactory Performance

Volunteers will maintain sufficient competency to perform their duties properly and to assume the responsibilities of their position. 
Unsatisfactory performance can be demonstrated by, but is not limited to:
  • Lack of knowledge.
  • Unwillingness or inability to perform assigned tasks.
  • Unwillingness to conform to work standards established for the Volunteer’s assignment.
  • Failure to take appropriate action on the occasion of crime, disorder or other situation deserving emergency action.

 Gifts, gratuities or loans

Volunteers will not, under any circumstances, for personal gain or use, solicit nor accept any gift, gratuity, loan or any other thing of value when there is a direct
connection between the solicitation or acceptance of the gift, gratuity, loan or other thing of value and the member’s position with the PIV.

Abuse of Position

Volunteers will not use their membership of the Phuket Immigration Volunteers for personal or financial gain, obtaining privileges not
otherwise available to them except while on duty, or to avoid the consequences of illegal acts.


Volunteers will avoid associations or dealings with persons whom they know are persons under investigation or indictment, or who have a reputation with the PIV or in the community for involvement in felonious behaviour.  This rule does not apply necessarily to the performance of official duties, or when the contact is unavoidable because of family relationships.

Disciplinary action

Volunteers are subject to disciplinary action in the event of wrongful conduct. Such action may be a verbal or written reprimand, suspension for a defined period of time, or dismissal from the Phuket Immigration Volunteers as voted upon by a majority at PIV meeting.

Dress Code & Uniforms

The PIV is committed to having volunteers look professional. 
For this reason, guidelines have been established for the uniform
to be worn by Volunteers and purchased by themselves.

The uniform is:



Shirt – white pilot type with name plate option on right side.


Name tag – name in Thai (above) & English (below)

Police Shop

National flags – placed above right hand pocket but below name tag.

Your national flag on right, then Thai flag, then flag of other countries whose language you speak to a maximum of 4 flags.


Trousers – dark blue Utility or dark blue formal slacks

Police Shop/anywhere

Belt – standard police

Police Shop

Shoes – polished formal black.


Socks – dark blue / black


Hat – Immigration or Royal Thai Police baseball cap (optional)

Police Shop