Address Registration

Every foreigner entering Thailand has to be registered at immigration within 24 Hrs of arrival.
Tourist who are staying in hotels don’t have to do this as the hotel is responsible for the registration.
Foreigners who are staying in private accommodations (visiting family/friends or renting house etc) have to be registered by the landlord or owner of the premises.
All other foreigners have to make sure for them self that they are registered.
Foreigners owning a house/apartment but leasing the land need the information from the landowner to fulfill the address registration.
Company’s (Hotels etc) can set up an online immigration account so the address registration can be done online.

Short term visitors have to be registered after every entry in the country or change of accommodation inside Thailand.
Long term residents have to update the address registration after any permanent address change or after returning back to Thailand.

Required papers:

Completely filled in proof of residence application form.

Copies from following passport pages:

Detail page
Current visa/extension (if applicable)
Last entry stamp
TM6 departure card

Signed Copy of Land owner ID card/passport
Signed copy of house book
Signed copy of rental agreement or land owner company paper if applicable.

Power of Attorney letter with 10 Baht tax stamp attached in case the foreigner does the address registration himself without the landlord. 

Follow this link for more information regarding the address registration and where to buy the tax stamps.

The address registration can be done at:
– Phuket Town Main Immigration office room 101.
– Patong Beach Immigration office.

Updated : August 2018

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