Marriage extension

Persons who are married to a Thai (female) national and which fulfill the required criteria
can be eligible for a 1 year extension based on marriage.

Prerequisite are:

Valid Non-O visa ( without overstay ) or valid extension.
Up to date address registration.

Supporting documents:

Completely filled in TM 7 form.    

Copies from following passport pages:

Detail page
Current visa/extension

All extensions from last Non-O visa or transfer stamp to new passport. (If applicable)

Last entry stamp
TM6 departure card

Passport size picture

Proof of financial status either:

Letter from Embassy/Consul Certifying over THB 40000 month. (Max 6 months old),
Supporting documents of the income may be requested by the immigration officer.
Copy bank book name page and last 2 months transactions.
NOTE: Income certificates from the UK, USA and Australia are not accepted anymore for the extension application.
Signed and stamped bank letter AND Signed and stamped bank statement showing the money ( Minimum THB 400.000 ) for at least 2 months before application date. (Max 7 days old)
Copy updated Thai bank (saving account only) book name page and last 2 months transactions.
Please make sure that all papers have the same balance mentioned

Work Permit with company and tax papers

Copy wife ID card or passport

Marriage certificate Koror 2. (Max 180 days old)
Marriage certificate Koror 3
Marriage certificate Koror 22 in case of foreign marriage certificate is used.
This can be optained at the local district office. (Amphur)

Copy birth certificate of any children.
Copy house book of each child address.

Copy house book. (If Thai wife is the house owner)

If the Thai wife is not the owner of the house :
– Copy ID card of the house owner.
– Copy house book of the house owner.
– Copy lease agreement.

Hand drawn map of location of house.

Picture of husband and wife in front of the house clearly showing house number.
Picture of husband and wife inside the house.

Please create 2 complete sets of supporting documents and take original papers with you for the application.
If extension application is successful the applicant will receive a “Under consideration” stamp and is granted a 1 month extension.
After this 1 month under consideration period the applicant has to return to the immigration office to receive the remaining 11 months in case the application is approved.

Extension application can be submitted within the last 30 days of the current visa/extension.
Both persons (applicant and wife) have to be at the immigration in person during the application process.
Please go to room 204 for your marriage extension.

Updated : March 2019

Disclaimer :
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