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Guardian extension ( One parent )

Foreigners with an child attending a Thai school and in possession of a ED extension can apply for a guardian extension.
Only one of the parents can apply for the guardian extension.

Prerequisite are:

Valid Non-O visa ( without overstay ) or valid extension.
Up to date address registration.

Required papers:

Completely filled in TM 7 form.   

Copies from following passport pages:

Detail page
Current visa/extension
All extensions from last Non-O visa or transfer stamp to new passport. (If applicable)

Last entry stamp
TM6 departure card (If applicable)

Copy of Childs passports details page and latest ED extension page.

Passport size picture. (of applicant)

School papers confirming that the child is enlisted into the school

Copy birth certificate in Thai or English.
If certificate is translated into English this translation has to authorized by the relevant embassy.

Proof of financial status:

Copy updated Thai bank book name page.
Signed and stamped bank letter AND Signed and stamped bank statement showing the money ( Minimum THB 500.000 ) for the required period. (max 7 days old )
( 1 months first time, 3 months for consecutive extensions )
Please make sure that all papers have the same balance mentioned

2 Pictures of the applicant in front of the house clearly showing the house number as used on the TM7 application form. (IMPORTANT: one picture showing both full body and one closeup picture with the body’s from waste up)
2 Pictures of applicant inside the house in 2 separate rooms. (Kitchen and sleeping room)

Extension application can be submitted within the last 30 days of the current visa/extension.
Both visa extensions (Education and Guardian) will be normally submitted at the same time.
If guardian extension is done at a later date only the remaining extension days will be given.

Please go to room 103 for your custodian extension.

Updated : Feb 2023

Disclaimer :
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