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Dependent (Follow)

Dependent (Follow) extension

In certain cases people can apply for a dependent extension for example in the following cases:

Partner of person who lives in Thailand on an long term extension.
Child under the age of 20 and never married and dependent on an parent who lives in Thailand on an long term extension.
Parent over the age of 50 and dependent on a child who lives in Thailand on an long term extension.

(Other dependent extensions can be considered by the immigration officer)

Prerequisite are:

The principle has to be in the possession of an long term extension. (No Non-O visa issued inside Thailand can be used)
Dependent person has to be in the possession of an valid Non-O visa without overstay or valid extension.
Up to date address registration.

Required papers:

Completely filled in TM 7 form.

Copies from following passport pages:

Detail page
Current visa/extension

All extensions from last Non-O visa or transfer stamp to new passport. (If applicable)

Last entry stamp
TM6 departure card (If applicable)

Passport size picture.

Copy of principle passports details page and latest extension page.

Copy birth certificate in Thai or English. ( if applicable )
Copy marriage certificate in Thai or English. ( if applicable )
If certificate is translated into English this translation has to authorized by the relevant embassy.

Extension application can be submitted within the last 30 days of the current visa/extension.
Both visa extensions (Principle and Depended) will be normally submitted at the same time.
If depended extension is done at a later date only the remaining extension days will be given.

Please go to the same room as where the principle extension is issued.

If applying at the same time as the principle visa the same amount of sets are required for the depended application as the principle visa application.

If applying for the depended visa after the principle visa is issued 1 application set is required.


Updated : May 2018


Disclaimer :
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