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​Here you will find all the latest updates and information regarding the immigration regulations.
If required the specific page will also be updated with the information.

  • Online 90 day reporting is NOT working again (only in office or via mail).   Online 90 day reporting.
  • All applicable countries get now 30 days on a land border entry (no 15 days anymore) with a maximum of 2 entries each calendar year.
  • The term VOA should only be used for real Visa in Arrival (like from China) and visa exempt countries are getting 30 days on arrival. Please use the term 30 day instead of VOA on the application forms.
  • All 90 day reporting (with or without fines) go to number 2 (Khun Pramook)
  • For 1 year extensions copies from all previous extensions till the original Non-O or visa transfer to new password are required.
  • Copies from TM forms printed from the internet ARE accepted as long they have the exact layout of the original TM form and printed on one page (front and back on one page) instead of 2 pages.
  • When applying for a Extension based on retirement or Non-O visa for retirement an hand draw map of the location of your house is required.
  • Please make sure hen when using bank account statements, the bankbook is updated in the last 7 days and all numbers and balances are 100% the same.
  • Passport taken in by Police can only be picked up at the Special Investigation Department behind the officers restaurant. (just before the jail entry)
  • Please make sure that all copies are readable from top to bottom.
  • When persons have overstay (in room 101) downstairs please mark the application form in RED pen OVERSTAY in the comment box.
  • When a person is applying for Non-O visa at room 103 the application can take up to 30 days and they do not get a stamp in their passport, Therefore they can not get a Re-Entry stamp as there is no new extension stamp. (they only can use the old visa/extension for a Re-Entry stamp)
  • Person applying for 1 year extension based on Thai child custody can now also use custody papers issued by the Amphur instead of the court papers.
  • Persons with a Religious Type R visa can extend this with a 90 days extension (2 application sets) or a 1 year extension when they have type R-A visa. (1 application set)
  • Please use the TM30 (Address registration) for the Proof of Residence form application. (House owner section can be left blank)
  • There are 3 different visa transfer forms for each office (101,103,204)  Room 101 form with the Captain names on the bottom, Room 103 same form but without the Captain name or the old form, Room 204 only using the old form.
  • Dependent visa extension for child is for 0-20 years but they prefer that children between 6-20 use a ED visa extension instead of a depended extension. 
  • Normal extensions (7/30 days) have to used first before applying for a medical extension. No medical extension will be normally (except in a accident etc) given when the person has a 7 day emergency extension.
  • 7 day emergency extensions will only be provided as a way to leave the country within those 7 days and proof of travel is required.
  • When upgrading from a Tourist visa or visa exemption to a Non-O at least 21 days have to be remaining on the current entry. ( this can be extended with the normal (7/30 day) extension if required.
  • A up to date address registration is required if people have to do any application (extension, Re-entry, transfer, correction etc) in room 101 and presumable also for room 204.
  • If the landlord does not accompany the foreigner for the address registration a Power Of Attorney letter with a 10 Baht tax stamp is required.
  • When applying for a dependent visa extension at the same time as the principle visa extension the same amount of applications are required for the depend as the principle application. If the depended is done a later stage only 1 application set is required.
  • When checking passport copies make sure that all copy's are normally readable as in a book and are of original size with one page a copy. Copies of ALL previous visa extension are required until the original Non-O visa or the transfer information in case of a new passport.
  • Business Visa extension application only have to be checked for correct copies of the passport information.





Updated : May 2018


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