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7 Day Extension

7 Day Emergency Extension

People can apply for a 7 day emergency extension if required.
This 7 day emergency extension can only be used to leave the country within the 7 day period and proof is required. (flight ticket or flight reservation)
The extension is not guaranteed and it is at the discretion of the immigration officer.

Prerequisite are:

Up to date address registration.

Required papers:

Completely filled in TM 7 form.   

Copies from following passport pages:

Detail page
Visa stamp
Entry stamp
TM6 departure card (If applicable)

Passport size picture.

Proof for the required extension. (Flight ticket etc)

Please go to room 101 for the extension.


Updated : May 2018

Disclaimer :
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Immigration officers can ask for any additional information which they deemed necessary to support your application

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