Changing Visa / Visa exempt to local Non-O visa for retirement dependent inside Thailand

Persons arriving with a visa or visa exempt and are planning to apply for a 1 year extension (dependent on a retirement extension)  can apply for the Non-O visa at Phuket immigration.
(All Non-O applications are at the discretion of the immigration officers and can’t be guaranteed and can be refused without notice)

Prerequisite are:

Minimum of 15 days left on the current entry permission.
Up to date address registration.

Required papers:

Upgrading from a visa exemption entry:

Completely filled in TM 87 form.  (application for visa)

Copies from following passport pages:

Detail page
Last entry stamp
TM6 departure card (If applicable)
Passport size picture.


Upgrading from a tourist visa entry:

Completely filled in TM 86 form.  (Change of visa)

Copies from following passport pages:

Detail page
Tourist visa
Last entry stamp
TM6 departure card (If applicable)
Passport size picture.

For both option the following papers are required,

Marriage certificate (if required translated to English and authorized by the embassy)
Original marriage certificate.
Picture of applicant in front of the house with house number clearly visible. (Print on A4 size paper)
Location map of the house. (Simple hand drawn map)
Copy house rental contract.
Copy house registration (Blue book), house registration page and OWNER information page)
Copy ID card of the house owner.
Copy of the house title deed. (Chanote)


2 complete application sets have to made.


When the Non-O visa is issued the costumer has to return to the immigration office and apply for the 1 year extension in the last 45 days of the Non-O permission of stay period.

Updated : Dec 2022


Disclaimer :
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Immigration officers can ask for any additional information which they deemed necessary to support your application